IPTV Trial

Request an IPTV Trial

Due high request of "Trial" demands we changed our trial to a one 1 free day into the 1 month subscription plan! As due to request in the hundreds daily, our IPTV trial will not be FREE anymore. World will be 1€ and PREMIUM will be 2€, 1 day trial period.

IPTV trial request is done through email ckaratech2017@gmail.com

1Trial period time?
Trials are not given during "Game Day" and does not include some of the PPV Premium Sport Package & Adult channels. Basic trial last 24hr & Premium 12hr.
2How can i test it?
You can test your IPTV trial with most devices. For me info on how to set up your IPTV CLICK HERE
3Which channel does each plan offer?
WORLDS and PREMIUM channel are listed HERE