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why pay thousands of dollar in yearly TV, PPV & Sports Pass when can get it all for only a fraction of it at home or even when you travel around the world.

If you are MAG or E2 users, add your MAC with the subscription! DO NOT FORGET!!
*Once a subscription has been assigned with an m3u link, there is no more possibility for a refund.
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Questions and answers

1Can I see NFL Pass, NBA Pass or other Sports Pass?
Yes you can, if you buy the PPV IPTV Package.
2How can watch IPTV?
IPTV can be watch from anywhere around the world with an internet connection (2-4mb/s). It can be setup on Smart TV, mobile, tablet and Smart TV box (Roku, Mag, etc.).
3What's the difference between Worlds & Premium?
Worlds focus on a wider channel audience from channel all around the worlds from 50 countries. But Premium focus toward PPV channels like Sports Packages and channel from US, CA, UK, FR, GR, IT, AR, Latino and more. See all the channels HERE
4How many people can connect to 1 ITPV?
Only 1 person can connect to an IPTV at a time!!!!! If more try to connect at the same time can result in your IP BAN!
5IF you need help
contact us ckaratech2017@gmail.com

How to watch & installation


Click the link bellow to see every possible way to watch your IPTV.

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Why it's worth to choose CKTech IPTV?

We offer the best plan with over 5000+ channel for our basic plan and 1000+ channel for our Premium plan (PPV & Sport Packages) with FHD & HD quality stream.



It's totally safe for users to watch IPTV


Our IPTV is stable and online 99,9% of the time and 24/7/365, unless there is maintenance to be done.

Technical support

If you got any problem or issue, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Our IPTV provide you with the best quality possible and better then any other IPTV providers.

Ckaratech is an online IPTV provider providing thousands of IPTV channels (NFL, NBA, NHL, College Football Pass, Premier League and much more Sports pass)

Our “Worlda Package” will offer IPTV from channels all over the world (50+ Countries) like France, England, Spain, Russia, China, Japan, South Arabia, etc.

Now our “Premium| Sports Package” focus more on USA, Canada, and England channels with many PPV and Sports Packages (NFL, NBA, NHL. College Football, Premier League and more), but also have channels from other countries like French, Spanish, Arabs and many more other channels.